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Directed by – Quentin Tarantino
Writers – Quentin Tarantino
Rating – 8,4 / 10 Stars
Abstract – It's WWII, the battleground, Nazi-occupied France. The Nazis are doing whatever they need to to flush out and exterminate Jews, the most proficient and prolific of the Jew hunters being the sadistic SS Colonel Hans Landa. As such, the American military forms a unit, led by Lieutenant Aldo Raine and comprised of eight Jews, to kill as many Nazis as possible. Raine requests each of his men to bring him the scalp of at least 100 Nazis apiece. He has his own method of ensuring that those Nazis he does allow or need to let go free are scarred for life. In Paris in 1944, Joseph Goebbels, the Nazi's chief propaganda master and filmmaker, plans to debut his latest film, "Nation's Pride". The film, based on the victorious military exploits of Private Fredrick Zoller, stars Zoller as himself. Because of his attraction to its pretty proprietress Emmanuelle Mimieux, Zoller convinces Goebbels and the Nazi brass to hold the premiere at Mimieux's cinema. Landa is to act as chief of security for the event. When the Americans get wind of the screening and the fact that most of the Nazi highers-up will be in attendance, Raine's team is tasked with blowing up the cinema during the screening. They are assisted by renowned German actress, Bridget von Hammersmark, who has been working as a spy for the British. They believe luck is on their side when they learn that Hitler himself is scheduled to attend. Beyond being found out, Raine's team face two as of yet unknown issues. The first is Mimieux, who is really Shoshanna Dreyfus, a Jew who saw her family brutally murdered by Landa four years earlier, and who may have her own plans for Landa and the Nazis. The second is Landa, who beyond his up front mission, has another more personal mission for his life post-war unknown to anyone but himself

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